Metal & Plastic Signs


Prepainted aluminum sheets are perfect for long-term low-cost signing. There are many different colors and thicknesses to choose from and several sheet sizes. Common uses are business signs, parking lot signs, fence signs.



Coroplast-signsUsed for low-cost, short term signing, indoor and outdoor use. Coroplast is available in white and colors also different thicknesses. Wire stakes are also available to complete smaller signs. Common uses are political or real estate signs.


Expanded Foam PVC
PVC-SignsUsed for medium cost, signing. Expanded PVC is excellent for high quality direct printing or light-weight alternative to other materials. We stock white sheets with film mask to protect surface and to accommodate the digital printing industry. Sheets are available in different thicknesses and colors (colors for indoor use only). Expanded PVC is very light weight and excellent for many structural applications as well, but surface is soft and will show wear quickly.


Acrylics_SignsFor decorative purposes acrylic is many times an excellent option. Sheets are available in clear, white and colors in different sizes and thicknesses. Edges can be polished, sheets can be bent or thermoformed or fabricated. Common uses are clear a sheet with polished edges on stand-offs, white or colored sheets in lighted signs or smaller signs inside or outside.


Very strong material, meant for high impact resistance. Polycarbonate is available in clear, tints or white in several thicknesses. Sheets can be fabricated, thermoformed and polished. Common sign uses are white sheets for lighted signs (available in very big sheets), clear sheets for vandal cover on existing signs or direct prints.