Metal & Plastic Letters/Logos

Plastic or metal letters are the most popular styles of displays for lobby/reception areas. Metal or plastic sign letters and logos make great looking interior signs primarily because they are so bold and clean up close. Even 2″ letters will provide a crisp, bright look and are made to perfection. All types of logos and symbols can be produced in both metals and plastics-even with the most intricate designs.



1. Know your size requirements.

Find the exact dimensions (height x width) of the area you have available for your sign. Then, contact us to explore fonts and products that will fit your space.

2. Pick which material to use for your sign letters.

The material you choose for your sign letter has a big impact on the overall look of your finished product. Use the Simplicity Six chart to pick a material with a depth that matches the impact and personality you want to express with your sign. The breadth and depth chart introduces the finish options you will have for each of our letter products.

3. Consider the color options for your product.

Depending on your material, you may choose from paint color options or you may have a set of standard color options to choose from.